Friday, June 10, 2016

Which tablet is worth to buy in 2016?

We have plenty of choices when it comes to tablets. Right now, the market is filled with various types of devices differed by their price, size or operating systems. Whether you're looking for a cheap tablet or high quality tablet, we've done the necessary tablet reviews to help you make the right buying decision.Key aspects such as design, screen quality, battery life and value make up the biggest part of the scores and are an important part of what it takes to make it onto our list of the best tablets.Here are our recommendations for which tablet is worth to buy 2016.

Dragon Touch Y88X

This Dragon Touch Y88X 7 inch screen size with Quad Core A33 processor. It comes with Zoodles Kid Mode which gives your child a way to play fun and educational games all by themselves. This Dragon TOuch Y88X has Parent Dashboard and Controls: Take a more proactive role in choosing the content that’s right for your family and help you find out what your child has been playing and learning in Zoodles.The Dragon Y88X tablet is equipped with a Quad-Core CPU, which means up to 4x the CPU speed for everything you do.While 1024 x 600 HD screen delivers crisp images, sharp texts and clear videos. Enjoy the stream
videos, smooth-flowing gaming, web surfing and more!

Dragon Touch M7

Dragon Touch M7 is a new model simple but functional and efficient 7 inch tablet by Tablet Express that performs well and runs fast thanks to the quad core processor, 1GB memory and Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system. It has decent speakers, image quality and IPS panel, two x 2 megapixel cameras, GPS and good connectivity including HDMI and USB ports. It is a great tablet for such low price, offering outstanding value. $61.99

Dragon Touch i10X

The Dragon Touch i10X is a functional tablet and is ideal for students and business professionals alike. The included keyboard case gives you a laptop-like experience and makes working on documents convenient. And the tablet provides plenty of connectivity options such as a Mini HDMI output, a full-sized USB port, and integrated Bluetooth.

Dragon Touch X10

Dragon Touch X10 is the recent release 10.6 inch tablet PC with a fast and powerful AllWinner A83T octa core 8X Cortex A7 processor at 1.80GHz up to 2.0GHz speed and 1GB DDR3 SDRAM memory for more than adequate multitasking Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating system, 16GB Nand Flash as storage space with speed and you can use an extra 32GB of SD card and the pre-installed Google Play with lots and lots of free and paid apps.

KingPad 100

The KingPad 100 Android Tablet does come with Google Play installed so access is as easy as you would expect. Being that this is running KitKat 4.4 you have access to most but not all apps in the Play Store. The IPS display of KingPad K100 delivers sharp and crisp content. Besides, the SmartColor technology provides higher image quality and better visual effects. Reading is awesome. With more content shown on the screen, there's less scrolling.
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