Monday, June 20, 2016

KingPad K90 Android 4.4.4 9'' Quad Core Tablet Review

I am a huge fan of KingPad K90 tablet. The screen is very large which I absolutely love. Getting a 9 inch tablet that runs this well for this price is nearly impossible. The screen is clear and crisp at the brightest setting. You can also dim it to save on battery life and it makes for a better reading experience. The display and screen are customize-able as well.
I was able to connect my google account and immediately start downloading apps. My sons apps played very well, as did mine on this tablet. The battery life is great when you are reading or just surfing. It is good if you are watching videos but does tend to run out faster. It is ultra thin which makes it super easy to carry around. I recommend a case or it gets scratched easy. Downloading my two favorite apps was a breeze Facebook & YouTube. I connected to my WiFi and downloaded them directly from the Google Play store. They run very well and haven't froze up on me. I think that the 4.4 doesn't run as well as the 5.0 but still runs well.
The camera isn't the greatest on this tablet but most tablets do not have the greatest cameras. It does do well with Skype which was also pretty easy to download. I Skype my brother over seas and we didn't have any problems. The sound quality is awesome. This is great to watch music videos, it sounds awesome. The bass gets a little wonky when it is fully turned up but you would expect that from a tablet.
Tablets can have many different types of operating systems such as iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows. KingPad K90 comes with Android 4.4.4 which is not the newest version of Android software, but it is a very solid and trusted operating system. The operating system is super easy to use and intuitive, many people even think it is easier to use than Apple. You can definitely do more, or at least more unique things with Android than you can with Apple software. Because it is Android, you have access to the Play Store and you can choose from literally millions of different apps.

I am very pleased with the quality of this tablet for the price.

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