Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dragon Touch M10X 16 GB Tablet Review

Dragon Touch M10X tablet is excellent in terms of internal security as well. Something that has recently began popping up on Android is a device-based app security manager. This internal app security manager lets you look right at the various permissions (by category) so you can directly see what is going on without having to go through each application individually via Settings > Applications to review their permissions. The default browser is pretty good, too. As soon as I popped up the Google Search Page, it directly prompted me if I wanted Google to access my GPS, and continued to do so with other webpages that wanted additional "information". There is also a first time seen Settings option for managing and disabling applications that have that usually edgy permissions "Start Up at Boot". Very cool!

Update: Extra sweetness! When I installed a game with Push Notifications, the tablet actually popped up a window asking me if I wanted to allow or disallow them. Frankly, this internal security is the most direct and simplest for anyone to use that I have ever seen. I tapped OFF, and the game went on its merry way. :)

Graphics are clean and crisp for an IPS display. The Contixo Q103 has slightly better multi-angle view IPS display, yet this M10X is certainly in the upper tier for IPS displays in general. Touch response is excellent, WiFi reception smooth, even with my somewhat twitchy connection (my YouTube streaming at the end of the video was on 2 bars). Camera is only 5MP rear, yet clear and vibrant, and I love that pinch zoom. Front camera is okay, jerky FPS and lower resolution, yet again clear. The power button placement is going fool me for awhile since I am so used to it being on the top corners, but at least the MIC down in the lower right is out of the way for normal hand placement. And this does mirrocast like a champ, using a Mini HDMI cord.

Twin speakers, but both placed on the left side, thus showing this tablet was designed for primary Portrait display. The volume output is rather low, too, even cranked up to maximum, yet I always use a Bluetooth speaker or headphones for actual "serious" listening, so personally that is a non-issue. It's perfectly fine for game audio and such, and all tablets (even my Samsung Tab 3) all have pathetic sound output. Nevertheless, between the Portrait orientation placement and the low overall max volume, I have to say it is somewhat mediocre for a default sound source.

Up to a certain point, this tablet is quite a fabulous tablet. That point being the final resolution of the memory question has left a bitter taste in my mouth; between the OS's own display and Dragon Touch's personal confirmation that this was supposed to be completely non-partitioned had me quite stoked.

In the grand scheme of things, compared to what is normally out there on the Market, this is still a really sweet tablet (considering that even if the memory was really partitioned in the first place, so is nearly everything else). Frankly, if it was supposed to be partitioned in the first place and had a properly displaying System Storage Screen, I'd still give this full stars as being such a fast, responsive, and solid tablet. The main knock is due to the confusion created by the Storage display and the conflicting download results I have been getting.

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