Monday, June 13, 2016

Best Cheap Tablet for Kids 2016

Tablet is popular with children.It will come as no surprise to parents or that kids enjoy using tablets to watch their favorite shows and play games. More and more children really need their own tablet.However,How to choose a tablet for children? For parents, this is a puzzle.To help any parent choose a eco-friendly and cheap tablet for their children, we bring you two options that are sure to delight any child.
Dragon Touch Y88X kids

Dragon Touch Y88X kids Tablet is highly functional and portable.It is available in a variety of color options and is fully loaded with exciting features and attributes.The price of the product is definitely an ultimate factor for consideration amongst all the buyers. You can grab this beautiful and sturdy tablet at just $39.99. It is really a very modest deal for all the parents who are willing to buy a ‘learn by fun’ tablet for their loving kids.The compact screen of this exclusive kid tablet is of 7 inches and high definition. Watching videos and reading book on the clear and crisp screen display of this tablet will provide you with a delightful experience. The screen protectors will keep the tablet safe and sound. Kids love to carry their favourite device with them no matter where they are going and with whom. The all new Dragon Touch Y88X Kids tablet is quite durable and light in weight.  It is made up of soft silicon of good quality, which is eco-friendly and offers smooth touch experience to little hands of the toddlers.
Dragon Touch M7 kids

Dragon Touch has customized their popular M7 tablet specifically to kids, by adding the Zoodles interface and wrapping it in a protective silicone case.This tablet comes with a thick silicone case. This helps protect the tablet from drops and bumps. It won’t protect the tablet from everything, but for everyday use by child, it should hold up well.The Dragon Touch M7 tablet has one of the fastest processors of any tablet and it’s price range,$49.99.Dragon In Zoodles, Child Friendly Interface and Age appropriate content make it easy and safe for kids to play.Every child deserves access to Zoodles. While, the Parent Play Along mode in Zoodles gives you full access to sites and more freedom to guide your child's experience. Child-safety features we’d look for include the ability to set time limits, both in terms of how long a tablet can be used in a single sitting and times of the day. Access to age-appropriate apps (without having to worry about in-app purchases) and child-safe web browsing should also be a must.
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