Friday, April 21, 2017

Akaso EK7000 Precision Instrument, Requires Study and Care

Not something you will likely take out of the box and start using. Many set up options, not a point and shoot camera. While all advertising videos of the AKASO camera are shot in places that are wet, dirty and nasty for precision equipment, it creates the illusion that you can just turn it on and you get magic. You can get magic - if you are very careful to keep the camera protected and in a "clean room" environment when it's out of the case.


Mentally prepare for a 2 to 4 hour session to update camera firmware and read manual and "play" with settings before you get to use camera.

Download the manual and read through it while waiting for the camera to arrive.

Think about what you want to name the wifi server in the camera and password if you want to alter the defaults, because this is done from the software update procedure which you don't want to repeat.

Write down the serial number from the battery compartment before you insert the battery or you'll be taking the camera back apart to do that to set up your download to update firmware and change name and password.

You are going to want to understand all the settings and capabilities and have it configured for your particular use.

Read the review on the camera at DPReview dot com (digital photography review). It will give you an idea of what the variety of video modes and camera settings will do for different kinds of shooting.

Punching though the settings menu is tedious and after awhile, you may get fast at it, but it's much faster to use GoPro's wireless application for your smartphone and scroll through most of the settings. So someplace along the line go to the wireless setup in the manual and get that app running to facilitate setting up the camera.

Have lens cleaner and clean microfiber cloths and a sheltered clean, dry place to work if you plan to charge or change batteries or download content since you cannot do it while the camera is in the protective case or via the wireless. And any dirt or water in or around the camera will compromise your investment and your hope to record magic.

Set it to shut down if you're not shooting or punching it's buttons to conserve battery.

Turn off some of the LED's and turn down the beep volume to conserve battery.

Wireless remote likes to be on - make sure you turn it off when not in use to conserve battery.

This is a wonderful miniature camera with exceptional capabilities as you can see from all the promotional videos. Just realize you are buying a technical piece of gear that requires skill, care and knowledge to get that kind of results.

This is my middle of the night review after slogging my way through the setup. Pictures come next. I'll update with reports on how the camera works in my real world. For now, it's a 3 - took a bit of time to get familiar, lots of tiny parts to get lost easily.

But then - it's a miniature piece of precision technology. Only the protective housing suggests it could be out there in the dirty world. After the learning curve is over, I expect it to be great fun and useful.

But it made me tired tonight. Confident that my rating will go up if the camera has no glitches in the real world. Not ready yet to say that with so many people encountering problems in many of the Amazon reviews. I can say that after setting it up in my office, all functions seem to work as they are supposed to.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet PC 8 inch Quad Core Dual Camera 16 GB Bluetooth 4.0 Reviews

Dragon touch M8 is the latest tablet launched by Dragon touch. It is a quad core efficient tablet that provides an exceptional performance. It has an eight-inch IPS display and a thin body and it weighs around 11.2 oz which makes it highly portable, especially for a long journey. Just pack it in your travel bag or handbags and you have a powerful entertainment pack with you which will entertain you throughout your journey. This device is highly appreciated by reviewers for its amazing battery backup. It has a huge battery to meet all your entertainment requirements like watching movies or playing games throughout the day. This tablet is built to destroy your boredom throughout your journey.
Key Features:
Powerful Processor – Dragon touch M8 is powered with a Quad core Mediatek processor named MTK8127. The processor is clocked at 1.3 GHz which delivers a blazingly fast performance and speeds to provide a smooth experience to the user.
Ram – This device is built with 1 gigabyte of ram. This helps the device to switch different apps from one screen to other swiftly. The ram provides a support to the processor to run various apps conveniently on the tablet.
IPS screen – The tablet is packed with a beautiful IPS display that provides the user with a treat to the eyes. It has wide viewing angle to prevent distortion of images or videos by watching from any angle. It has a 1280 x 800 resolution that delivers very vivid and crystal clear contents. So, the user can easily enjoy the tablet while browsing internet or reading electronic-book through the tablet.
Latest Android technology – One of the important feature of the tablet is that it runs on Android operating system. It contains the latest android 4.4(kit-kat) which is upgradable to android 5.0(Lollipop), providing the latest user interface to the user. Android operating system makes life easier by providing the facility to download many gaming, educational and entertaining applications to the tablet.
Storage – The tablet packs 16-gigabyte internal memory storage which helps the user to store various videos, images, e-books or install applications to the tablet. It can also store lots of useful documents and files which help the user to travel with the important information in their pocket.
Dual Camera – Dragon touch M8 comes with the dual rear camera and a single front camera. This unique feature provides the tablet with an edge over the other tablets. The camera features an instant focus and captures images and videos faster. The user can easily capture some valuable and precious moments throughout their journey. The front camera helps the user to connect the user virtually to other people with facial interaction. The front camera is of high-end 3 mega-pixels.
Battery – The most vital feature of this tablet is the battery. Dragon touch M8 packs an enormous 4000 mAh battery which supplies energy to the tablet to watch movies or playing games throughout the day.
Wi-Fi Support - This feature helps the tablet to connect to the Local area network which allows the tablet to use the internet facility from the LAN device. It has a bandwidth of 802.11 bgn which helps the tablet to use the internet efficiently from the LAN connection.
GPS – This tablet features a full-fledged Global positioning system (GPS) which provides the location and time of the user present anywhere on Earth. It connects the tablet to the GPS-satellites and provides the exact location of the user. It also provides the maps and navigation system which helps the user to easily find the roads, restaurants, tourist destinations, parks, hospitals, etc anywhere on earth.
Bluetooth – Dragon touch M8 supports Bluetooth technology which is a wireless technology which helps the user to transfer any data including images, documents and videos from the tablet to any other Bluetooth device and vice-versa.
HDMI support – This tablet has the most crucial feature of the new generation, i.e., HDMI support. This feature enables the user to cast the tablet screen on any HDMI supporting multimedia devices like televisions, monitors, etc. This helps the user to enjoy the tablet on a comparatively larger screen.
Speakers – The tablet has a single speaker that produces a decent sound for various multimedia purposes. Speaker is loud enough to enjoy the music, videos and calls.
Microphone – The tablet has a good microphone which functions well through all type of calling facilities including video and phone calls. The calls can be heard without any echo or other ailments to provide a comfortable calling experience to the user.
Games – Dragon touch M8 supports latest high-end games like the Angry Birds, Batman, Clash of Clans, etc. in the market. Games run smoothly and free of any lags which provide best gaming experience to the user.
What’s inside the box?
Tablet – The device itself is packed properly in a properly sealed box. It delivers all new and scratch free tablet.
AC Adapter – It helps the tablet to charge from the electricity supplied to the home.
USB Cable – It connects the tablet to the computer or laptop which helps the tablet to transfer media files to and fro from the device.
User Manual – It provides all the information regarding the Quad core dual Camera Dragon Touch M8. It provides detailed information regarding the functions of the functions and facilities of the tablet which helps the user to use the tablet efficiently.
Quad core dual camera Dragon touch M8 is absolutely an amazing buy at this affordable price. It is a user-friendly tablet that suitable for all age groups. It can help educate and entertain students at the same time. It is a budget-friendly and eco-friendly tablet which serves as an excellent companion to the user. It can serve as a creative tool to complete all the office work and as a portable gaming and media centre to entertain the user. It is a very productive device that eases the life's of the user by performing many numbers of daily activities required by the user. This tablet is highly recommended by the reviewers due its powerful and insane features and affordable price.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dragon Touch E97 9.7-Inch Quad Core Android 3G Tablet PC,IPS HD Screen, 5.0MP Camera with AutoFocus, Bluetooth,Unlocked Reviews

Tablet PCs are on a great rise in market today. Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with excellent tablet PC devices that not only look gorgeous but also offer powerful performance to its users. And, similarly with the emergence of these big mobile devices people are leaving behind the 3 or 4 inch display screen and moving towards big displays to enjoy an improved experience through their Smartphone. Tablet PCs are one of the biggest among Smartphone devices. Different manufacturers come up with different styles and features to offer users a unique experience. However, with different manufacturers and features the prices of the devices also vary. Today, we are going to discuss a Tablet PC which is not only stylish but also rich in features and the device is Dragon Touch E97 Tablet PC .
This is a device which is suitable for everyone who is looking for something better at cheaper cost. It features 9.7สบ display, Quad Core processor, Android 4.4 Operating System, Dual Camera, 16 GB internal memory and a lot more exciting features which are available only for $139.99. The best thing about this device is, it is unlock worldwide which means you don’t have to worry about unlocking the phone after purchasing.
If you are thinking to purchase this device for you, then you have taken a wise decision but today we are going to make your decision more clear. Go through our complete review to know about the device in detail:
The 9.7 inch tablet PC has a sleek design crafted with aluminium body that looks very shiny and stylish. The design of the tablet is very simple yet attractive and handy. It has a white color body in the back and front which looks really gorgeous. At the back, the tablet has crafted a camera at the left corner of the device and in the upper middle of the body there is a logo of the manufacturer is designed. The power on/off button and volume control is at one side of the body and the USB port is designed at the lower end of the gadget. The mobile is very lightweight and weighs only 1.4 pound. Thus, there is no tension of carrying the device with you wherever you go. On the whole, we can say tha the design is crafted to be very functional and useful for the users.
Dragon Touch E97 phablet has a 9.7 inch wide display screen which is perfect for watching movies, videos, playing games, reading stories or documents, browsing internet and for everything else that is possible to do with a phablet. It has used an IPS HD display screen with 1024 x 768 resolutions that offers vivid, colourful and high quality display that makes your video and picture viewing experience much smoother and lighter. Moreover, it offers a 178 degree of view angle to offer a perfect viewing of the mobile on any angle whether you are sitting on chair or lying on bed. Plus, the large display screen with the HD resolution will give you an utmost experience of playing games.
Hardware is known as the most important part of any mobile or tablet devices, because the performance of the mobile solely depends on the hardware. Dragon Touch E97 is powered with Quad Core 4x1.3 GHz processor, 3GB DDR3 SDRAM which offers the gadget a very smooth performance. When it comes to memory it has featured 16GB internal storage with ability to add more storage via microSD card. Therefore, you can store as much as data, audio files, documents, video files and a lot more things in your device as you want.
Dragon Touch E97 features dual camera; one at the back and one at the front. The primary camera is of 5.0 MP packed with Autofocus offering users facilities to click amazing pictures and the front camera is of 2 MP to allow users click some selfies and video calling. The picture quality on this phablet is not bad at all. You can capture all the precious moment of your life easily with the camera. But, if you are expecting a lot from the camera then you are going to get quite upset because it can’t give you the quality that a 13 MP or 16MP camera can offer right? But, at a cost of just $139.99, the phablet is offering a really great camera features.
Operating System and Connectivity
Dragon Touch E97 has used Android 4.4 KitKat version Operating System. It supports micro SIM card, GSM network, 3G 850/1900/2100, 2G- 850/900/1800/1900 etc. The tablet also supports Bluetooth, GPS and wireless connectivity which allows you to use your mobile on any Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi connectivity of the mobile is really great and you can connect any Wi-Fi network very easily on the device. The phone is unlocked worldwide and thus no matter where you go with your tablet it will be always working on any network. However, the device is not compatible with CDMA and 4G network.
The battery capacity of the mobile is really great. The tablet survives for long 8 hours while playing games and watching videos and without these activities it will definitely survive much longer. The battery of Dragon Touch E 97 has received positive feedback from many users and reviews, and thus there is nothing to worry about the battery capacity of the device.
What’s in the Box
The package of Dragon Touch E97 contains everything that you need to run the device. It contains a piece of Dragon Touch Tablet, an AC Adaptor, USB Cable, User Manual etc. The user manual will guide you about how you can run or manage the device. The tablet weighs 1.4 pounds and the total weight of the package is 2.4 pound.
Equipped with nice design, high quality processor, nice display and gorgeous design this Tablet PC is a real worth of its value. With all these exciting specifications nothing can be better than the Dragon Touch Tablet at such cheap price. The device can be called as one of the most affordable Tablet PC of these days which is now available at just $119.99. So, what are you thinking of? Just order a piece of Dragon Touch E97 for you right away.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AKASO HM8 Android 6.0 Kodi 17.0 Pre-installed Amlogic S905X TV Box 64 bit Quad-core 1GB DDR3 8GB EMMC Support 4K H.265 Video Built in 2.4G WiFi Streaming Media Player revie

With the new model of the AKASO HM8 Android 6.0 TV Box, one will be able to get much more than he usually expects with a TV Box. With the help of this, one can watch the best live TVs on NBA, NBC News and also Sling TV which is known to include CNN, AMC, ESPN, HGTV, Cartoon Network, A&E and much more in a very less price. With the help of the AKASO HM8 Android 6.0 TV Box, one can also access the YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, Rent Movies, Prime Video and to all the other kinds of games and Android apps in an instant manner. With this TV Box one can get much more entertainment and enjoyment than what one expects for and can easily watch YouTube, HBO NOW, Prime Video while relaxing on the bed and can even listen to music and more while cooking and doing the other household chores.
Entertainment while moving
Being small in size, it is portable and hence, one can carry it from one place to another. In short, it is a very compact and genuine entertainment package which can be enjoyed be the people of all ages. Besides having multiple connections for the internet it also provides a speedy performance. It is known to work with every HDTV including the ones that are generally present in the hotels and the dorm rooms of the colleges. With the option of plug in and play, one can actually watch every episode even if he is not present at home.
Product Specifications
The TV Box brings the online world of entertainment to the home when it is connected to any HDTV and it comes with Kodi 17.0. With the latest operating system of Android 6.0, one can get the instant access to the Android games and apps, Google Play Store. One can actually make is home into a personal entertainment room as he can not only play games but also view movies at the same time as the product offers a multitasking system to the users. The fast performance of the product is due to its CPU which features the Amlogic S905X, 64 bit Quad-core, 8GB Flash, 1GB RAM, along with an extended storage which is up to 32GB. It is thought to be better than the S905. One is able to explore and surf the internet at the fastest speed simultaneously with an excellent performance. To make the operation easy, the TV Box provides a remote control to every user of the product. The product comes with an Ethernet Jack Connection and has also got a WiFi Streaming of 2.4GHz. On the other hand, the speed of the Ethernet Jack Connection is of 10/100M. For connecting the device to the WiFi of the house, one will have to go through the menu of the settings and after finding the options for connection, he will have to enter the WiFi password of his home or the place through which he wants to connect his device. With the ease of the Ethernet connection, one can actually carry it anywhere and can view all the episodes of the different shows. It also comes with a 4K UHD providing great picture quality and clarity which comes as an added advantage to the ones buying the product.
It is to be noted that the product comes with a limited warranty period which is 1 year. All the manufacturing defects are covered by the company within one year from the date of purchase if there are any. One should always feel free to ask the company about any queries of the product as the customer service is always there to help out the customers in case they are facing any issues with the product.
List of items that come with the product
The contents of the package are mentioned below
1 TV Box
1 HDMI Cable
1 Remote Controller
1 Power Adapter
1 User Manual
Customer Comments
According to the customers, this is actually a great TV Box. Today, there has been a lot of hikes in the cable fees and with a single installation of this product, one can not only cut down the hiked charges of the cable network providers but at the same time can also get much more than what one expects. Most of the customers think that the size of the box is smaller according to the size they had expected and it runs even faster on the WiFi. It has got some of the killer extra features like the SD Card Slot, the new version of the Android OS. It is not only faster but also much more stable and uses less bandwidth. The remote controller that is provided in the package is also reported to be far better than the others and is known to work in a much simpler manner and with its great low price; it is becoming the favorite buy for many. The customers are also in love with this little TV Android Box not only due to its compact size bit also for its stylish and sleek look in gold. The color of the gold on the body of the box makes it more elegant to look at and makes it look much more than just a TV Box.
The TV Box is a great Kodi Box which being very small can be easily located by the TV of the users. It is a great device or plug and plays. The great ultra-HD picture quality exhibited by the product has also gained a lot of attraction. The great clarity in the pictures of the TV Box makes the users happy and entertained while playing the video games or while watching the movies. If someone is looking for great picture quality and clarity then this is a product worth going for. The TV Box by AKASO successfully engages the people to the real world of entertainment in an extremely fast speed with an excellent performance. Getting connected to the internet is an extremely easy task with the device. All the above-mentioned features make it a must buy for all.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10.1 inch Google 16 GB Dual Camera Mini HDMI Output Android Tablet PC Review

For those who dream to own a tablet but also worry about the budget, Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB Mini HDMI Output Dual Camera Tablet could be the solution. Like other Dragon Touch tablets, this model also has easy-to-use features and is known for its brilliant performance. The overall design of this device makes it an instant hit among consumers. Dragon Touch Plus is an affordable tablet with high quality guaranteed. Priced at 89.99$, this tablet offers a wide range of features that one can expect from the best available products.
Here, we will provide a complete review of Dragon Touch Plus 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB HDMI Output Dual Camera Tablet: a description of the product, its features and specifications, what comes with the touch tablet kit, an overall view, its pros and cons and who it will suit the most.
Description of Dragon A1X Plus tablet: The sleek device weighing 2.2 pounds has every feature that a common user needs for entertainment. The Quad-Core system ensures that loading of pages and streaming of videos are not affected. The Android 4.4 KitKat helps in multitasking, boosting the performance while a large screen and impressive connectivity make the experience with Dragon A1X Plus all the more exciting. Be it surfing, watching videos or reading eBooks, this tablet doesn’t have a match. Features of the tablet:
Some key features of the Dragon A1X Plus Tablet includes: · Quad-Core CPU: Dragon Touch Plus comes with a Quad Core CPU which ensures that the user doesn’t face a frustrating stumbling block while having fun. Thanks to this feature, enjoy all stream videos, smoothly flowing gaming, internet surfing and many more to the hilt. High performance is guaranteed with this tablet.
· Latest Android KitKat Version 4.4 : The freshly released effective system helps in fast multitasking, adds to the user’s convenience while keeping it simple. It also offers new features like emoji, voice search and open/save required files on the Google Drive, among others.
· Latest Android KitKat Version 4.4 : The freshly released effective system helps in fast multitasking, adds to the user’s convenience while keeping it simple. It also offers new features like emoji, voice search and open/save required files on the Google Drive, among others.
· Impressive connectivity: While GPS and Integrated GPS make navigation easily possible when the user downloads an offline map, Integrated Bluetooth makes connection to other devices like keyboards and speakers simple.
· 10.1-inch screen: This makes it comfortable for the users to watch movies or read eBooks comfortably at any place.
· IPS screen: The IPS screen which offers 178 degrees of view angle, is suitable for watching videos, surfing and reading eBooks. The aluminium body also makes it too easy to carry.
· Dual-camera design and mini HDMI: While the dual cameras help click more pictures and take videos and share with friends via video chatting, the mini HDMI enables connecting the device with the television set to share with the entire family.
· Bluetooth: The in-built Bluetooth allows pairing the tablet with another Bluetooth-enabled device.
· Supports Netflix, Skype: The tablet supports Whatsapp, Netflix and Skype.
· Expandable memory: The device has an expandable memory and will take take upto a 32 GB Micro SD card.
· Charger: This touch tablet comes is available a charger with USB connector.
· What Dragon A1X Plus doesn’t offer/support/have: The touch tablet doesn’t support Square Card Reader, does not have a SIM card slot to help make calls and it will not show 16GB as is seen in the ad for it shows only the storage available after the part of the storage taken up by the system. Specifications of the tablet:
Here are the specifications of Dragon A1X 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB Front & Back Camera HDMI Output Tablet:
1. Google Android 4.4 (KitKat)
2. 10.1-inch Multi-touch screen 1024x600
3. MTK8127 Quad-Core 4x1.3GH
4. 16 GB storage,1GB RAM
5. Dual camera
6. Bluetooth 4.0, Mini HDMI, GPS
7. Wireless Version N(802.11b/g/n)
8. G-sensor
9. Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.7 x 0.4 inches
10. Average battery-life (in hours): 8 (eight)
11. Flash Memory Size: 16 (sixteen)
12. Processor count: 4 (four)
13. Power Source: Corded-Electric
What comes with a new Dragon A1X Plus kit:
· The tablet
· AC Adapter
· USB Connection Cable
· User manual
Overall review of the product:
Overall, Dragon A1X is a product which has little competitors. Be its price or features or the advantages it offer, this touch tablet is certainly going to make its owner proud. There are definitely tablets that have a higher resolution screens but they come with a higher price. The combination of affordability and advanced features makes Dragon A1X Plus too good a product to overlook.
Pros and cons of the product:
Dragon Touch A1X Plus offers more pros than cons to a potential user, thanks to its modest price and advanced features.
On the other side, there has been very little complaint with what the device offers. There are certain things that it doesn’t offer and they have been listed above (in the features section) but there is no problem whatsoever with what it offers. There has been feedback about poor sound quality or that the device loses its charge fast. There are no dearth of products in the market which make very tall promises at the time of advertising; however, when it comes to deliver most of them fail on many fronts. This gadget makes modest promises and delivers exactly what it promises to. Do not expect anything else than what is mentioned in the product specifications and you will find that it delivers on its promise quite handsomely.
One can use a Bluetooth headphone or ensure that not too many tabs are running at the same time as ways to check these issues. If they still continue, one should contact the seller to see if there is any defect in that particular set. But ensure that the tablet is maintained with gentle hands so that it continues to entertain you in several ways.
Who Dragon A1X Plus suits the most?
Anybody who is looking to grab a modest deal will like this tablet. If you are in search of a device to gift your child or if somebody who is not really obsessed with the latest and expensive models in the market, Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10.1inch Android 4.4 16 GB Front & Back Camera HDMI Output Tablet is an option to go for. Also for students who require the minimum fun and functions, this device suits their need. Give this amazing product a try and you will be surprised with its quality and performance.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

AKASO MX3 UHD 4K Android 4.4 S812 Quad Core 1G+8G WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 Smart TV Box Review

If you are planning to use your mobile phone for streaming quality pictures and videos, then you certainly must go through this article. Because of modern technology and the best of WiFi and other facilities it is now possible to use mobile phone in many innovative and intelligent ways and means. It is now possible to stream quality videos without the need for a TV. You could use a mini PC and get it connected to a smart TV box. However since there are so many options available out there it would be difficult to choose the right one. But those who have some knowledge and information have reasons to go in for smart tv boxes. These smart boxes come with a number of exciting and different features and It would be worthwhile to have a look at the reasons why it makes sense to buy them in place of other options.
What Are These Boxes All About
It might not be possible to define how these Android devices work and what should be done to consider them as TV box. They are named so because they resemble more like a small box and they are made from hardware which is compatible with Android software. In most cases they are known to use the ARM processors which have Cortex A9 core. Though they were cutting edge technology a few years ago, today they have become quite old today. In fact some of them also use A5 core which is ancient by today’s standards. Let us now look at a specific brand which has become synonymous with smart TV boxes. The review will certainly help us to have a better perspective about the product and the various features which come attached with it. It also will help a lot in understanding the various attributes which need to be taken into account when it comes to choosing these devices.
AKASO MX3 UHK 4K Smart TV Box Review
Coming from the house of Akaso, this AKASO MX3 TV Box comes with a number of interesting and exciting features. Here are a few of them which are interesting and worth having a second look.
First and foremost it comes with a chipset of Amlogic S812 type which has a speed up to 2.0 GHz. This is faster than the Quad Core 1G+8G chipset which many of us are used to. Further it has many other attractive functions which go in making it an excellent buy. It comes with 8GB Flash and Octo Mali 450 600 MHz GPU. It also has a SD Ram of 1 GB.
A Look At The Interface
It has 2 x USB host and 1 Micro USB too making it easy to copy, store and write data as much as possible. It also has a 1xRJ45 (100M) LAN connection. Additionally 1 HDMI – A type male HDMI out connection also is something that makes this unique and different. The power is supplied from a 1 DC Jack outlet and it also has 1 AV outlet. Further it also has an optical wired connection too.
It has a WiFi, B T 40 connection which helps to come out with a strong signal of 2.4 G. Hence overall when it comes to connectivity it certainly leaves many other models behind.
Now let us look at the software configurations and find out how it compares with other brands in the market. It words on Android 4.4.2 Operating system, and also has the best of Video features. It can play videos in various files formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AV1, H.264, PMP, FLV, MP4, VOB, WMV and much more. It also has the best of audio software and can play files in various formats such as MP3, MP2, MP1, WMA, M4A, AC3, WAV, RA, FLAC and AMR. It also supports Adobe Flash 11.1 or above and therefore when it comes to screening of video or still images it can work wonderfully well.
Browsing And Other Related Activities
It also allows browsing of all video websites effortlessly. It supports, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Flixter just to name a few. It can also be used for local media playback, apart from supporting U disck and HDD. One can also use it for accessing social media sites like Facebook, MSN, and Twitter, just to name a few. You can also use for various commonly used applications like Office, email, Txt, PDF and so on.
A Look At The Accessories
As is the case with other makes and models of AKASO, this one too comes with a number of accessories. They include instruction manual, remote control, Plug & AC adaptor, HDMI extension cable, and plug and adaptor. The plug and adaptor is suitable for use in 240 AC power
Packing Details And Specifications
The entire unit comes with an overall dimension of 11.5 x 11.5 x 2.68 CM. The box size is 23 x 14 x 5.4 centimeter. The net weight of the product is 0.191 kg and the gross weight is 0.488 kg. The overall carton comes with a size specification of 48.5 x 30.5 x 29.5 centimeter. There are a total of 20 pcs in the carton and the gross weight of the carton is 11.3 kgs.
What Do Customers Say
At the end of the day there is no doubt that the proof of the pudding is in eating. Hence the way customers feel about this product is very important. According to many customers there are quite a few things which go a long way in making this a great smart TV box offering the best of features. Customers have sung praise as far as the quality of picture is concerned. They are also happy with the audio quality and they also believe that connecting with the world wide web through internet using this box is also quite easy. However, there are some concerns being expressed regarding the quality of services being offered by the manufacturers. A few of them have complained that it takes some time before the complaints are registered and attended to. But on the whole there is no doubt that it is a wonderful gadget which offers the best value for money to its customers. Go for it, you won't have to regret.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Pre Installed With Bonus Disney Games App And Audio Book Kids Android Tablet PC Reviews

Children like playing computer games and in fact almost eight out of ten children spend significant amount of time playing different types of computer games. There are also digital gaming devices available which are also highly popular with thousands of children. Amongst the many such kids tablet games there is no doubt that Dragon Touch Y88X is something which has drawn the attention and liking of many children and parents also have quite a few positive things to state about it. It has over the past few years been able to make a big impact in the market. Hence it would be interesting to have a look at the various features and functionalities associated with Dragon Touch y88x plus, Authorized Disney Games App. This will give a better insight into the product and help customers to make an informed and knowledgeable decision.
Special Features Of The Games App
It is one of the best tablets both for parents and kids. It comes with pre-installed Zoodles. It is safe for use by kids and they can be sure that they will not encounter unfriendly content on the internet. It also comes with a powerful CPU featuring Quad Core functionality. So customer can be sure that they will get the best mix of portability, power and performance. Customers can be sure that they will get an all powerful device. It is a gaming device that is perfectly suited for kids of certain ages. It offers quite a bit of uniqueness and versatility and kids can certainly have their own playground. Further it comes with an interface which is child friendly. Ease of use is again something which makes it a perfect product in more ways than one. It is possible to play both fun games and educational games making it very versatile as far as game choices are concerned. The zoodles can be adapted to the skill level and age of the child. Hence it helps children to move from one level to the next higher level quite easily and without too much of trouble. Since it comes with Quad Core technology, parents also find it easy to start it up and get it booted. It can easily be used for watching video and also for reading and other purposes. It comes with a high quality and high resolution HD screen which is known to deliver the best of contents. It also comes with various Parents’ Only features which help them to guide the children as they move around and get experienced and become experts. Since it will be used by kids, it comes with special protective features. The kid proof case makes it a superb kid tablet in terms of longevity, sturdiness and durability. The outer material is made from soft silicone and it is harmless and totally environment friendly. It is entire non-toxic and the soft touch experience has to be gone through to be appreciated.
The product also comes with a customer frienthe best of customer services and technical support, firmware guarantees which get frequently updated and many other avenues which ensure customer satisfaction at all points of time.
Technical Specifications
The product comes with a number of technical specifications which are of the best quality. It works on Google Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. The screen is 7 inches and comes with multi touch features with HD resolution screen having a pixel resolution of 1024 x 600. It has 512 MB RAM and 8 GB storage space. It also features dual camera and can work on wireless N functionality. It also has a unique G-sensor to enhance performance parameters. The product has a dimension of 7.1 inches x 4.7 inches x 0.4 inches (length, width and height). It is quite easy to carry around and weighs only 9.8 ounces. It comes with standard accessories and attachments including AC adapter, USB cable and User Manual. The Tablet is also a part of the entire package and it is reasonably priced especially if one does some research and buys it from online outlets.
What Customers Have To Say About The Product
At the end of the day there is no doubt that proof of the pudding is in eating. Therefore the best way one can know about the product is the way customer perceives it. When one looks at the various customer reviews and customer ratings there are reasons to believe that it has won the appreciation and goodwill of many customers both young and old. This is borne out by the fact that it has almost 4850 reviews from customers and that too from a quality online ecommerce site. The best part is that almost 65% of the customers have given it a rating of 4 and above. This is without any doubt a testimony to the quality of the product and its ability to meet the requirements and needs of children and their parents.
Advantages & Pluses
Thousands of customers have given the product thumbs up. Though there could have many who might have believed that it could be a cheap plastic gaming device, when one looks at the features and functionalities it has quite a few fascinating things to offer. The picture clarity according to many customers is superb and the gel case in which the tablet is placed offers it complete and total protection. There are many pre-installed apps making it one of the best ready to use gaming software solutions available in the market. Hence there are many reasons which go in making it a high class gaming device for children and adults alike.
The Negatives
However, this product is not with its own share of negative. The battery in particular has drawn some criticism from users who believe that it does not last as long as should be. There also have been instances where the Zoodles have clipped badly.
When one has a closer look at the product and goes through it pros and cons, there are reasons to believe that on the whole it is a quality product offering great value for money to its customers. The price at which it is available is also something which has been appreciated and liked by its customers.