Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Pre Installed With Bonus Disney Games App And Audio Book Kids Android Tablet PC Reviews

Children like playing computer games and in fact almost eight out of ten children spend significant amount of time playing different types of computer games. There are also digital gaming devices available which are also highly popular with thousands of children. Amongst the many such kids tablet games there is no doubt that Dragon Touch Y88X is something which has drawn the attention and liking of many children and parents also have quite a few positive things to state about it. It has over the past few years been able to make a big impact in the market. Hence it would be interesting to have a look at the various features and functionalities associated with Dragon Touch y88x plus, Authorized Disney Games App. This will give a better insight into the product and help customers to make an informed and knowledgeable decision.
Special Features Of The Games App
It is one of the best tablets both for parents and kids. It comes with pre-installed Zoodles. It is safe for use by kids and they can be sure that they will not encounter unfriendly content on the internet. It also comes with a powerful CPU featuring Quad Core functionality. So customer can be sure that they will get the best mix of portability, power and performance. Customers can be sure that they will get an all powerful device. It is a gaming device that is perfectly suited for kids of certain ages. It offers quite a bit of uniqueness and versatility and kids can certainly have their own playground. Further it comes with an interface which is child friendly. Ease of use is again something which makes it a perfect product in more ways than one. It is possible to play both fun games and educational games making it very versatile as far as game choices are concerned. The zoodles can be adapted to the skill level and age of the child. Hence it helps children to move from one level to the next higher level quite easily and without too much of trouble. Since it comes with Quad Core technology, parents also find it easy to start it up and get it booted. It can easily be used for watching video and also for reading and other purposes. It comes with a high quality and high resolution HD screen which is known to deliver the best of contents. It also comes with various Parents’ Only features which help them to guide the children as they move around and get experienced and become experts. Since it will be used by kids, it comes with special protective features. The kid proof case makes it a superb kid tablet in terms of longevity, sturdiness and durability. The outer material is made from soft silicone and it is harmless and totally environment friendly. It is entire non-toxic and the soft touch experience has to be gone through to be appreciated.
The product also comes with a customer frienthe best of customer services and technical support, firmware guarantees which get frequently updated and many other avenues which ensure customer satisfaction at all points of time.
Technical Specifications
The product comes with a number of technical specifications which are of the best quality. It works on Google Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system. The screen is 7 inches and comes with multi touch features with HD resolution screen having a pixel resolution of 1024 x 600. It has 512 MB RAM and 8 GB storage space. It also features dual camera and can work on wireless N functionality. It also has a unique G-sensor to enhance performance parameters. The product has a dimension of 7.1 inches x 4.7 inches x 0.4 inches (length, width and height). It is quite easy to carry around and weighs only 9.8 ounces. It comes with standard accessories and attachments including AC adapter, USB cable and User Manual. The Tablet is also a part of the entire package and it is reasonably priced especially if one does some research and buys it from online outlets.
What Customers Have To Say About The Product
At the end of the day there is no doubt that proof of the pudding is in eating. Therefore the best way one can know about the product is the way customer perceives it. When one looks at the various customer reviews and customer ratings there are reasons to believe that it has won the appreciation and goodwill of many customers both young and old. This is borne out by the fact that it has almost 4850 reviews from customers and that too from a quality online ecommerce site. The best part is that almost 65% of the customers have given it a rating of 4 and above. This is without any doubt a testimony to the quality of the product and its ability to meet the requirements and needs of children and their parents.
Advantages & Pluses
Thousands of customers have given the product thumbs up. Though there could have many who might have believed that it could be a cheap plastic gaming device, when one looks at the features and functionalities it has quite a few fascinating things to offer. The picture clarity according to many customers is superb and the gel case in which the tablet is placed offers it complete and total protection. There are many pre-installed apps making it one of the best ready to use gaming software solutions available in the market. Hence there are many reasons which go in making it a high class gaming device for children and adults alike.
The Negatives
However, this product is not with its own share of negative. The battery in particular has drawn some criticism from users who believe that it does not last as long as should be. There also have been instances where the Zoodles have clipped badly.
When one has a closer look at the product and goes through it pros and cons, there are reasons to believe that on the whole it is a quality product offering great value for money to its customers. The price at which it is available is also something which has been appreciated and liked by its customers.

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