Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dragon Touch i8 pro Windows 10 HDMI Quad Core Tablet IPS Sreen 5.0MP Rear Camera Review

Each day the world is bombarded with new innovations. People get spoilt for choice. People get in a dilemma. One of the major causes of dilemma to most technology enthusiasts is whether to go for windows or Android. Well, both of these operating systems have a number of advantages over the other. They equally have their own drawbacks. But most people are unable to choose between the two operating systems as they are equally amazing.
Do you find yourself in a similar catch-22 situation? Well, there is amazing news coming your way right now! You can have both windows OS and Android OS in one device! The Dragon Touch i8 Pro gives users the convenience of alternating between Windows and Android as and when they feel like. And there is more to this revolutionary tablet as will be disclosed below.
Features of the tablet
Dual OS in one device- The device features both Android 4.4 KitKat and Windows 8.1. You can easily switch from one operating system to the other, and it entails is a warm restart.
Intel Quad Core Processor- whether working or playing, the device's Intel Quad Core processor will see to it that you can amazing speed and responsiveness. You will experience fast web page loads and fast video without placing an inordinate burden on your device's battery. Both operating systems are equal in excellence.
In-Plane Switching Display- Its 1280 by 800 HD resolution screen that features In-Plane Switching Display technology allows you to get crisp, sharp, and life-like pictures on the tablet screen, from whichever angle you choose to view.
Lively HD IPS Display- The device features a lively HD display that provides you with a razor-sharp resolution as well as a fantastic picture quality for virtually everything you'll be looking at. Coupled with the popular IPS technology, you can receive a clear view just from any angle you look at the screen together with lifelike colors that your eyes will be delighted to look at.
Expandable Memory- The device comes with a 32 GB on-board memory as well as a TF card slot support that can be expanded to 64 GB, thus, permitting you to store many applications, music, eBook, and other precious files.
Powerful Ports- The tablet features powerful misco-USB ports that supports the transfer of data from your tablet to the computer. With an HDMI port it can now be easy to connect to a projector. After connecting, you can then control your powerpoint presentation vide the tablet under Windows operating system.
2 MP front camera and a 5 MP rear camera- the Dragon TOuch i8 Pro makes it easy to stay in touch with family and friends as it features two cameras- one on the front and the other on the rear. The front one allows you to be on a virtual face-to-face communication with pals and relatives across the world. With the rear camera you can record what happens in your life and share it on the social media platforms.
Very Portable- The tablet comes in good size and design, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you want to go. Therefore, you can be entertained, connected and informed wherever you might want to go to.
Bluetooth- the tablet has Bluetooth capabilities, meaning that you can use it with Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth keyboards. This is a wonderful feature because ordinarily, lower-end tablets omit Bluetooth. The Bluetooth capability makes the navigation of Windows' Desktop mode easier as you can easily pair the tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
Pros of the tablet
-Individuals get the convenience of deciding which between Android and Windows operating system they are comfortable with at the moment as you can easily reboot the tablet from one operating system to the other.
-There is a responsive interface that will aid you in whatever you want to accomplish with the device at any particular moment- be it you want to play a game or play videos. Its app loading and general web surfacing, though with occasional hesitations, is still top-of-the-line.
-The tablet features sufficient storage for you to store apps, photos, videos, and music files. The tablet comes with 32 GB, but which is split between the Android operating systems and Windows. Almost 7 GB is free in the Android OS while about 5 GB is free for the windows OS. But in case that is not sufficient space, you may opt to expand the storage with cheap Micro SD cards- such as the ones people often use in their phones and digital cameras.
--The tablet guarantees you very good views with its IPS Display. It is not common to find a budget tablet with an IPS display, but this Dragon Touch features it on the i8 Pro, and it looks pretty amazing. IPS technology makes it possible that you can look at the tablet's display at an angle and it won't look somewhat reflective or washed out. While the tab doesn't feature a retina resolution, it has a wide screen which works well for watching Netflix and YouTube.
Drawbacks of the tablet
-Not enough space to upgrade to Windows 10 - A few users of this tablet complain there isn't enough space in the gadget to upgrade to Windows 10 operating system. A user was lamenting that she received a message in the Windows 8.1 informing her that she was eligible to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on the tablet. However, she realized that the Windows partition doesn't have enough space that can allow Windows 10 installer to proceed. But this should not be a cause of worry as the manufacturer claims that it is possible to upgrade to Windows 10 using the expandable memory.
-Only 1 GB Of RAM- I GB RAM may be good for Android but, unfortunately, it is on the low-end for a Windows operating system. With this amount of RAM, the number of applications you can run on Windows is limited. And, you may realize that the performance of the tablet will not be optimum if you have many windows open at a go. However, if you focus on just one application at any one time, and you don't switch back and often so often, then this may not be an issue for you.
Overall, this is a good machine as it packs both Android and Windows operating systems. Besides, it performs well for gaming and basic web-browsing.

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