Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dragon Touch M10X 10-inch tablet Review


The Dragon Touch M10X 10-inch tablet offers a resolution of only 1366x768 pixels – that does not produce high quality images. However, the capacitive 5-point touchscreen offers users the convenience of using the tablet with a few touches. For instance, one can get accurate results and perform display functions, such as zooming, effortlessly. There are provisions to attach external keyboard, 3G modem, flash and HDD drives. There is an audio jack as well. However, the sound is little muffled as compared to other tablets in the market. The display is just right for 3D games as well as those who are interested to read content from e-books. The font size and style can be tweaked as per the requirement of the user.


The multimedia enabled Dragon Touch M10X has Dual Camera, 2.0MP+5.0MP. One can take decent pictures of JPG, Giff, PNG, and BMP files and also capture mesmerizing videos. However, critical photographers will not be satisfied with the resolution of the images from this tablet.


The tablet is packed with a mini USB port, TF card slot, and DC and earphone jacks. There is a Micro USB cable and an adapter packed with the tablet kit. The leather casing has micro suede inner lining along with elastic band, which protects the tablet from external pressure, dirt, scratches, and moisture. There is also a built-in stand that helps viewers to see a movie conveniently. This facility can also be used while typing out text.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

KingPad K90 9'' Quad Core Tablet Review

The KingPad K90 has 8GB of internal storage, and an external TF memory card slot which can expand the available memory up to 32GB. The tablet has a Dual Core 1.3 GHz processor. The screen is a 9″touch screen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. This tablet has two cameras, one front facing and one rear facing. the front one is suitable for video messaging and the rear one for taking photographs and videos.

The KingPad K90 has two built-in speakers and a 3.5mm jack suitable for external headphones. A micro-USB port can be used to charge the tablet or to connect it to another device such as a desktop computer or a laptop. Also built into the KingPad K90 are a return button and a camera button. The tablet also has WiFi, which can be used to download or upload content from the internet, or to use anything that requires internet access.

The corners of KingPad are silicone and shock resistant and designed to reduce the chance of damage to the tablet if it is dropped on a corner. The rounded edges are also safe for children. There are cut-outs in the protective edges to allow access to the various ports and controls.

The camera key built into the tablet allows pictures to be quickly and easily taken. Anything taken with the cameras can be stored on the tablet, on an external memory card, transferred to another device using the micro-USB port or uploaded to cloud storage using the built-in WiFi. With the headphone jack means that children can listen to what they want without anyone else having to.

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3. An Android Tablet with Basic features: Dragon Touch M8

The Dragon Touch M8 Android Tablet's device is perfectly suitable for those who are looking for a tablet that fits within the budget and yet offers the basic features of a tablet PC. To start with, it is packed with the an updated Android 4.4 KitKat where you can delight in abundant android apps. The Dragon Touch M8 has a lot of features and adequate hardware to run all your favorite ocial media apps, email, light web browsing, and video watching.The M8 is leaps and bounds better than most “cheap” tablets and will satisfy most kids or casual users.

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Dragon Touch i10X 64 GB Windows 10 Tablet Review

Dragon Touch i10X is one of few tablets to dual-boot Windows 10, making it a great proposition if you can't - or don't want to - separate work and play. This budget tablet comes in at a great price, too; find out more in our Dragon Touch i10X review.

The Dragon Touch i10X reviewed here is sold by tabletexpress for £189.99.The low price looks even better when you consider that the Dragon Touch runs a full version of Windows 10 Home, which it dual-boots with a vanilla version of Android Lollipop, putting all the apps you could possibly want at your fingertips. The tablet has 64GB of internal storage, with 50GB reserved for Windows and 16GB for Android; each OS consumes around 6GB. This isn't a huge amount of storage for either OS, but anything you're not storing in the cloud can be saved on to removable media such as a memory card or mobile hard drive.

To switch between OSes the tablet requires a reboot. Fortunately it performs this pretty quickly, but you should remember not to leave any work unsaved. At startup you can choose to boot Android Lollipop by pressing the volume up key, or Windows 10 by pressing volume down; A shortcut on the Windows desktop lets you switch to Android, or if you're using Android you can tap the Switch to Windows icon in the drop-down notification bar to revert to Windows.