Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dragon Touch M8 Android 4.4 Dual Camera Tablet Review

I am a big fan of Dragon Touch M8 tablet. The size makes it great for reading, watching YouTube videos, and playing apps. The tablet has a sleek white design that fits right into the case I got with it. It is definitely the slimmest tablet that we own and it makes it easy to transport with us. The screen is big, bright, and clear. Getting this tablet set up is super easy and faster than other tablets I have reviewed.

-Battery lasts several hours when just reading or surfing the internet. If you are watching videos you will need to plug in more often.
-Brightness is adjustable. If you lower the brightness the battery life lasts longer. Turning the brightness up makes for better reading quality in sunlight.
-Touch responds quickly.
-Sound quality is AWESOME. I am incredibly impressed with the sound, it runs better than some of my blue-tooth speakers.
-The screen is very clear. Videos are crisp and easy to see.
-It runs Andriod 5.0
-Apps run great. It never freezes on me or stalls. I am able to play all of my previous apps with no issues. I was able to download some higher quality apps that my old tablet couldn't handle as well. My sons fisher price app runs beautifully on this.
-It charges with a universal Micro USB cable.
-Transferring information is easy, you don't have to start over. We plugged it into our computer with a USB cable and transferred everything easily from our old tablet to the new one, including all of our books.
Overall, Dragon Touch M8 is a great product for the price. You can do a lot with it that you can do with a high end tablet. I am very happy with the battery life!

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