Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dragon Touch i8 pro Tablet Review

Since I have had Dragon Touch i8 pro tablet close to the first day it came out and I really am pleased with it, even more so now. When I purchaded it, I was looking for a 8.0 size and a tablet that would do what I wanted a nice and useful tablet yet not the most pricey one out there. Hence, I bought this Dragon Touch i8 pro and am so pleased with it.  I like this screen because I found that the webpages are easier to read and clearer, I did not have to scroll to the right. Also I found that the pictures on a website were easier to view. I could read the larger text better, read my eBooks much clearer, emails better etc. This is my personal discovery from my testing of this and comparing it to my older tablet.

Very good battery life! For me, I have found that I am constantly on WiFi (Internet). The tablet I find is quite responsive and peppy with no lagging. The Lollipop runs this tablet wonderfully.

This tablet connects SUPER quickly to my home WiFi and has never ever dropped the WIFi signal no matter where I am in my home. WiFi is VERY STRONG using this device, even when I am very far from my router I still have 4.5 bars! To test the speed and strength of this WiFi and compare it to my other Android devices, I went to the Playstore and got the free app called WiFi Analyzer. This is a MUST HAVE app for any Android device as it gives you a visual report on the WiFi strength of your tablet, phone etc.

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