Friday, June 17, 2016

Review Dragon Touch E97 Tablet

Dragon Touch M10X
Dragon Touch M10X

Dragon Touch M10X
When I got Dragon Touch E97 tablet in the mail I was like excited to have something new to play with. Now this phone has 1Gb Ram 16Gb Nand Flash. It does have a micro SD card slot so you can add memory space in case you feel cramped on storage however.

The screen is a 9.7 inch screen which is a decent size for a tablet, not the largest but works great for the size and the resolution of the display. When I opened the box you get the glimpse of what is to come with a fun new experience.
Now one thing that threw me off was when I heard and read that this is a fully functioning phone also. I mean who would of thought to make a 9.7″ tablet a phone also.

Now to support this function however you need a SIM card from your phone company. Note that not all cell companies are compatible. I will place a snip it from there post on what they say about the cell and SIM card use.

Unlocked worldwide phablet. 3G 850/1900/2100, 2G- 850/900/1800/1900. Compatible with AT&T and other GSM networks. Not compatible with CDMA network, such as Verizon. Please make sure your SIM card is not locked with PUK code before use Dragon Touch E97 phablet. Now there is a great little feature that I was not truly expecting. This tablet has a FM Radio so you can listen to your favorite channel without even using the Internet or Wi-Fi.

To use this device you need to plug in your headset and use it as a antenna. Now this does not mean you need to listen through the headset but it will require it for reception.

So as the testing went on I played games, watched videos. I used Netflix, Hulu, and a few other services. There were no issues unless it came to my Wi-Fi signal dropping or lagging due to the wind we had.

I played Angry birds, Asphalt 8, and one of my favorites Hearthstone. All ran smoothly which from others I heard have not been able to play Hearthstone on older model Dragon Touch tablet. Which you can see in the next few pictures played fine for me, and this was the default Tablet OS without any rooting. To me this tablet has it all that you could need from the gamer, to the student, or the casual user. This can also work for those who want to use it for eBooks I’m sure.

All and all this tablet has all the marks for a great device including a nice camera. You could not go wrong with this Tablet for the price in my opinion.

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